About Rigid Group

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We offer some value-added services in addition to a range of high accuracy and high quality of material machining. We provide secondary process, press tool assembly and laser marking as well as engraving. It might save your precious time to go for secondary processes after material finishing, as we always let the material finished machining go through services we stated above if necessary. Of course, these services we offer will be strictly treated as one of the important department under our systematic production line, in order to meet the specification requirement complying with the drawing given by our valued customers.

  • Heat Treatment
  • Chroming
  • Blackening Oxide
  • Clear and Black Anodizing
  • Zinc and Nickel Electroplating
  • Welding, Spray Painting and Over Baked
  • Paint Coating
  • A team of experienced technical staffs perform the assembly of press tools, jigs and fixtures as per customer requirement.